The international market of coal experiences a little slow down in recent years. The prognosis concerning the energy production from coal stays relatively stable and many countries rely on coal as the fuel for their power plants. Coal is the biggest fuel type used for power production worldwide.

Electricity generation by fuel type in the AEO2015. Reference case, 2000-2040
trilion kilowatthours

In the recent years, coal was not considered to be a clean energy source, older technologies did not permit to lower CO2 emissions sufficiently and the electricity produced from coal was not considered environment friendly.

EurAsia Management offers the solution for countries, which rely on electricity produced from coal. Our technology allows to call it the clean coal solution, since the level of emissions is low enough for it.

The market is substantially big, especially in Asia, but also in Europe, where countries produce and use coal in power plants. Growing demand for electricity forces governments to look for new sources of clean energy and abandon coal as the main source of it. EurAsia Management proposes different approach to this problem and sees in the coal electricity market a great potential for environmentally clean power.