At EurAsia Management, entering new technologies to growing markets is the core competence. Our flexible infrastructure is built to respond to any market demands and local requirements. Cooperation and adaptability are our strongest points and a skill which few can claim. Proposed solutions are cut to measure for various world markets we work with, respecting particular needs and bringing solutions to specific situations.

Functioning in the European Union we acquired all demanded certificates and technological attestations to serve the needs of our clients and help building a waste to energy infrastructure within the safe and comfortable zone of legal securities.

EurAsia Management assures the energy production from coal on the exceptional level of low emissions, which can be a solution for many countries using coal as a main source of fuel for their power plants.

Sources of waste fuels in manufacturing

  • Waste Gas
  • blast furnace/coke oven gases
  • petroleum coke
  • waste oils/tars and other waste
  • pulping/black liquor
  • mill residue
  • wood harvested directly from trees
  • agricultural waste

Opening up to eastern markets recently, brought new perspectives for countries where both waste management and green energy solutions are needed urgently. EuraAsia Management involves in environment friendly solutions using its top technologies for the benefit of people in demand of safe energy.