Coal / Heavy Oil Gasification

The gasification process of coal or heavy oil in order to produce clean energy is possible due to the technology proposed by EurAsia Management. The process in itself is simple and efficient, permitting maximal limitation of emissions as well as substantially bigger production of electricity or heating.

The coal gasification process:

EurAsia Management adapts every single gasifier to the particular composition of coal, which determines its productivity and the speed of reactions in prescribed temperatures required for safety and optimal productivity.

Depending on the composition of the material from which the gasifier is built, it is possible to manage the temperatures and the size of gasifiers used in specific conditions. The power production efficiency is very important and it is the goal of our technology to assure the satisfying output of energy. Both coal and heavy oil are the most probable materials used for energy production in EurAsia Management’s gasifiers. Coke, lignite or anthracite can be used as well, in each case guaranteeing the clean energy outcome.