We took the old idea of coal gasification which after years of research and development in Germany, we define it on its best application for:

Organic waste treatment to renewable clean energy

  • Waste delivered at the W2E plants unsorted

  • Then cut up into 10 mm pieces

  • Sorted to organic and inorganic

Size-wise experience dictated to use as optimum module size of 250 mtons/waste daily and for larger quantities to install parallel multiple modules.
For big cities i.e.London /suburbs complex ideal is to spread units  with capacities 250- 1000 metric tons waste daily.
The main idea here is to avoid trucks traffic jams and to avoid monster units close to residential areas.

Each W2E module complete plant will require area to install around 6 – 8.000 m2.

Same W2E module can treat Medical/Hospital waste too.

EU Norms dictate:

Separate Gasifying unit inlet for Sealed pack for the Waste form the hospital , so nobody can touch it till will enter to the Gasifying unit.


Power plants using coal or heavy oil as fuel giving when our technology is applied today:

  • Power output increase: between 75% to 140% more
  • Emissions lowered : 85% to 95% lesser CO2,
  • Zero monoxides : CO , NO , SO all 0%
  • No odours , no smoke