Waste to Energy

EurAsia Management disposes of several available technologies assuring waste-to-energy processes, which can be used and adapted to any particular needs.

Waste to energy is not only the best way to produce energy, but also to divert waste from landfills all around the world. The company engages in reducing the environmental impact employing the most advanced technologies. Production of syngas assures clean energy output.

The process can be described as fallows:

This process can be used to treat any kind of waste and leaves minimum by-products. Adaptation of the line ca be managed in situ and supported by the local infrastructure. Depending on the humidity of waste the process takes more time, however the output of electricity and steam depends on the calorific value of delivered waste. Gasifying reactors produced by EurAsia Management are flexible in mounting and adaptable to the size of existing grid, plant and waste delivery capacities.

In case of more demanding waste, special adaptation of the process is required and can be achieved after a thorough due diligence and analysis of the conditions related to the waste composition, current state and the way it has been stored. There are situations in which producing energy is a secondary concern and the safe utilization of dangerous waste becomes the priority, however the outcome is always within economic understanding of the process and its profitability, just after the safety and no emissions issues.

EurAsia Management engages in several decontamination processes worldwide and offers technological support, for local governments, in order to improve environment conditions and deliver additional energy for the society.

EurAsia Management technology can be adapted to any existing plant, however it is also possible to engage in designing a new plant, according to the specific needs, location of the landfills and cities.

Adapted technology permits to fulfill all legal demands, including the EU’s Waste Incineration Directive, in order to achieve propitious results for the environment and the business at the same time.