Millions of tons of waste are created by households, businesses and industries worldwide each year. The growing problem with landfilling haunts the developing countries and is still not fully remediated in others.

We work hard to manage waste efficiently by reusing and processing waste materials. Engaging civil waste to produce alternative sources of energy became our main goal and our engineers implement the most advanced and sophisticated methods to manage and dispose of residual wastes.

Due to expanding economic development, exponential growth of certain industries and difficulties to meet environmental requirements, countries struggle to deal with hazardous waste and polluting materials.

EurAsia Management copes effectively with pollutions due to nitrates, phosphates, oils, petrochemicals, lead and mercury. Our experience and diligence assures multifarious positive effects in dealing with waste treatments, especially related to the rapid industrial development.

European Union still needs some time and effort for dealing with the waste treatment, being unequally developed and prepared for managing waste in each country.

Municipal waste treatment methods and waste per capita in EU28.
Data source: Eurostat, 2016.

 Material recycling  Composting and digestion  Landfill  Incineration  Waste per capita (in kg)

EurAsia Management offers unique research and assessment programs for the industrial waste treatment. Our laboratories provide reliable and thorough analyses, as well as, in cooperation with experienced engineers and local governments, adequate solutions. Every single project is approached individually and researched in situ and in our laboratories. Due to the adamant policy concerning dangerous industrial waste we can serve as an example of its safe and profitable management in the most singular locations.

Waste can be considered one of the growing sources of environmental dangers in developing countries. We target those problems with great attentiveness for specific local situations and detrimental aspects, developing help and support adapted for particular needs.

The environment friendly management of waste, in the countries without a direct access to the newest technologies, is our priority and pride. All best practice is based on focusing on people and their safety; on improving their quality of life and their environment at the same time.

Production of green energy is the outcome of the waste management, which is our goal and can fulfil some electricity needs.

Studying global markets of waste management, we realize that turning waste into energy is the only solution for developing countries, where the landfilling has caused additional problems for the environment. According to the US markets analysts, only the electronic waste market shall triple its value in the years to come.

E-Waste Management Market Size, By Value (USD Bilion) 2013-2020.
Source: MarketsandMarkets Analysis

EurAsia Management proposes the technology, which can help solving some basic waste related problems and allow us to see waste as an asset for clean energy production.